General Cargo Items

Suitable for shipment as general cargo include household goods, clothing, electronics, and a vast assortment of other manufactured products. We devote just as much care and expertise to your general cargo as we do to all of our specialized freight – and our State-of-the-Art Tracking System allows you to track your shipments every step of the way.

You cannot ship as general cargo the following items: articles of extraordinary value, hazardous material, fragile and perishable items, live animals, and human remains.


Perishables are defined as goods that, when not maintained under certain conditions or elements, or when their life cycle is disregarded, they lose their inherent properties or the essential qualities of their components.

Perishables include: pharmaceutical products (vaccines, drugs) live organs, tissue, cultures, biological products, semen, seeds, roots, fruit, vegetables, cut flowers, meat, fish, seafood, and any other product that may be easily affected by inappropriate preservation conditions.

The term perishable may also include live animals such as one-day old chickens, ornamental fish, and other animals destined for human consumption.

Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are objects or substances that can pose a risk to a person's health, safety, and/or property, or to the environment when transported by air. Transportation of dangerous goods is subject to certain regulations and shipper responsibilities.

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Live animals

Live animals for carriage, the shipper and consignee must be in compliance with all the documentation and certification involved and in ensuring that the complex requirements of local and international regulatory authorities are fulfilled (including those relating to packaging procedures to ensure the health and well being of the animals transported).

Should you need more information regarding the transportation of live animals, please Contact Us.