Qualified and committed personnel.

Skyworld Air Cargo is an airline that provides and facilitates Air Transportation solutions between America and the rest of the world to airlines, forwarders and shippers. These solutions are created through the proper understanding of our customer's needs, our thorough knowledge of world markets and our existing relationships with the suppliers and partners needed in the logistics chain to generate such solutions.

Skyworld Air Cargo is one of the companies owned by entrepreneur Paul V. Gartlan. In addition to being CEO of Skyworld Air Cargo, SkyBOX and SkyNET, Paul Gartlan is the president and owner of Professional Aviation Management, which specializes in subcontracting personnel for major carriers in the hispanic aviation industry. Paul Gartlan worked for one of the largest multinational corporations in the world, EXXON MOBIL. He was with them for over ten years, in Chile, Argentina and in Miami, FL, specializing in Finance and Marketing.

Skyworld Air Cargo and its affiliated companies are U.S. Companies! We have been in the air cargo business since 1991 and have developed outstanding and long term commercial relationships with many major airlines around the world. We've been successful in forming strategic interline partnerships that allow us to offer our clients the most reliable service available in the market. Skyworld Air Cargo is your superior services provider!

view of the new Miami Hub Infrastructure and 52,000 sq. ft. Warehouse